GANSER - SUCCESS for 50+ Years…

Due to the steady development and the reliable production of our various lift systems, we have acquired the status as pioneers in this field over the past half-century.

We do not only offer our Customers special solultions, which are adapted to fit any architectural requirements and personal desires, but our lifts will provide great comfort and long-lasting reliability.

We are very proud that all of our Lifts correspond to the European Safety Standards and are Tüv certified.  Currently we are in the process of receiving all necessary code requirements and ASME Standards required for North America. 

Ganser Lifts are ready to be installed into a Residence and very soon we hope to meet all codes, so our Lifts can be installed in any Commercial Application that is required.

Inclined Platform Lift for Stairs

Mobility impairment – because of an accident, a disease or the natural ageing-process – creates for the effected people a restriction in terms of personal liberty and quality of life. Ganser liftsystems therefore aims at reducing daily barriers by re-establishing independence with individually planned and visually pleasing solutions

From insuperable barriers to upward mobility: As an all-rounder within lift systems our platform stairlifts are suitable for the interior as well as for the outdoor area. Platform stairlifts can also be perfectly integrated in their environment afterwards.

Inclined Platform Lift - Model GTL 20V - for Straight Staircases

The flexible design miracle for straight stairs in the interior as well as in the outdoor area.

Protect the value of your site by trusting in a variable platform stairlift GTL20V. Due to a flexible implementation an optional left or right-hand construction is possible, from 0-50° adjustable, and it can also be reconfigured afterwards without any problems. Perfectly harmonized materials guarantee highest protection as well as being perfect in form and an elegant visual appearance.

IPL GTL 20V - FeaturesSteigung Treppenlift

  • inclination from 0°- 50°
  • Geschwindigkeit Treppenliftmaximum speed 0,15 m/s
  • 300 kg load
  • colour recommendation RAL7040
  • battery powered
  • rack and pinion drive
  • maximum platform size 1250 x 900 mm